Noosa Cat's modern and well equipped boat building complex is situated at Noosa on Australia's Sunshine Coast, Queensland. 

A comprehensive range of Power Catamarans are designed and built for a continuing growing client list world wide, that includes professional fishermen, police, customs and military organisations, charter and tourist operators as well as pleasure boat owners and recreational fishermen.

Almost every facet of preparation and construction is carried out in-house, with the obvious exception of engines, electronics and some items of chandlery. We are proud to build here in Australia some of the leading exponents in the art of building high performance, long range fishing and working power catamarans.

  • All vessels in the Noosa Cat range offer bluewater performance that embraces inherent safety, a soft ride and outstanding stability.

  • Our catamarans are easily driven vessels incorporating improvements developed through Noosa Cat’s ongoing sea-testing research.

  • The design for all Noosa Cat model series are completely redefined. Our top-quality power cats have been crafted with careful attention to detail. Shapes, surfaces and materials meet the highest expectations in terms both of speed and high stability in rough water.


Noosa Cat's heritage stretches back to 1972, when Australia's famous Shark Cat brand of powered catamarans was created by a professional fisherman, Bruce Harris. They were big, strong, fiberglass boats with unheard stability, an incredibly soft ride, and an ability to handle ocean entrances and barred river crossings like no other craft ever seen before.From those 'rough and tumble' days of abalone divers, drop line fisherman and the developing Australian Coastguard and Sea Rescue organisations in the 1970s, the legendary Shark Cat reputation was born.

When Harris sold his Shark Cat interest in the early 1980s the company went through several changes of ownership but the development of the brand virtually stagnated for nearly a decade. 


Wayne Hennig, the present owner and Managing Director, took over the reins in 1989. Over the last 30 years, Wayne Hennig managed to put back the legendary performance standards, provided financial integrity and re-introduced stable management. The Noosa Cat production facility at Noosaville, now comprises of more than 40,000 square feet. 

Find a nasty ocean bar anywhere along the Australian coast and chances are there'll be a Noosa Cat standing by, either in the hands of various Police and Rescue groups or serious commercial and recreational 'fishos' and divers in Australia.

Noosa Cats are used by virtually every statutory or governmental authority dealing with ocean and waterways. This includes the Army, Navy and Air Force. As well such is their incredible offshore - all weather capability - they form nowadays the backbone of Australia's Search and Rescue fleet.

Noosa Cats are exported virtually into all corners of the world. Noosa Cats are again the benchmark for rough water performance, and it's a heritage the present company is proud to perpetuate.