Noosa Cat 3000

Although our 2700 Noosa Cat Series has an unequaled track record our development section has raised the bar considerably with the introduction of the all new 3000 Series. Bigger, beefier and brawnier - with the same overall beam as the 2700 Series, but considerably wider at the water line, deeper sponsons, altered forefoot and integrated moulded outboard pods. The ride and handling have been taken to a new level.

The improved efficiency of the new design results in higher speeds even when compared to our 2700 Series equipped with similar power.

Water Tests + Performance Bulletins

Fisherman & Boatowner 2700 Water Test
Noosa Cat 3000 NSW Patrol vessels powered by Yamaha 225hp
The Boat Mag 3000 Water Test
Blue Water 3000 Water Test
Ausmarine 3000 Patrol Vessel Review

Yamaha 150hp on NC2700 Short Cabin (leisure)
Yamaha 200hp on NC3000 Long Cabin (leisure)
Yamaha 225hp on NC3000 Long Cabin (leisure)
Yamaha 225hp on NC3000 Cuddy (leisure)

3000 Specifications

Model Configurations Cuddy / Short Cabin / Long Cabin (Lock-up optional) / Walkabout
Moulded Lengthof Hull  7.9m
Beam 2.50m
Hull Draft at Rest 0.40m
Base Displacement (dep. on Machinery) 2,800-3,973kg
Noosa Cat 3000 LDX triaxle trailer 715kg
Recommended Horsepower   2 x 150hp - 2 x 250hp
Fuel Tanks Standard (Approx.) 2 x 225 litres
Fuel Tanks Standard (Approx.) 2 x 300/340 litres

* Vessel shown may include customer ordered options, weight of the vessel is subject to the configuration.